• Overheating Car

    Friday 10 June 2016

    It's going to be a warm one and with this weather your vehicle is more prone to overheat. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge and be aware; continuing to drive a vehicle while it's too hot can do internal damage to the engine. If you notice the temperature gauge going up you can do a few things to keep your car from getting too hot to drive.  - Turn off the air conditioning and roll down the windows - If it continues turn on the heater and blower - If in traffic and it continue... read more

  • Spring Newsletter 2016 Pot Holes

    Thursday 24 March 2016

    Pot Hole season is upon us! Yes it is a season; well in our industry it is. And this can cause havoc on our cars. First we will see how pot holes are formed, then I'll go over what can happen to your vehicle because of pot holes, and last your Pot Hole Specials!  What can be damaged Many components make up the suspension of a vehicle and when hitting a pot hole these can become more worn or broken. When this happens it can also cause an issue with the alignment of your vehi... read more

  • Clutch Repair

    Friday 15 January 2016

    Just like brakes, it’s easy for drivers to tell when the clutch is wearing out and needing a replacement. A worn out, or wearing out, clutch can be harder to handle. You might notice that the pedals seem to ‘stick’ more, and that pushing the clutch in requires more force than normal. A clutch in need of repair can also lose the smoothness of a clutch in good condition; you might notice a ‘shakiness’ or jerking motion when the clutch moves from gear to gear, or even... read more

  • Taking Care of your Car in 2016

    Friday 08 January 2016

    Happy New Year! 2016 Newsletter Taking care of your car Taking care of your car may not be on your New Year’s Resolution list but making it a priority could save you money down the road. What are your plans for your car? Do you buy new and plan on running it to the ground, do you get tired of cars and buy a new one as soon as that hefty maintenance bill shows it’s face? Life changes cause people to get new cars; extending the family, moving to a new climate, or downsizing. So many li... read more

  • How to Get Honest Auto Repairs

    Tuesday 15 December 2015

    When you take your car in to the auto shop for servicing, you have every reason to expect to be treated with honesty and integrity. However, it’s pretty hard to know when you are lied to, over charged, or taken advantage of, when automotive care is not your expertise. So how do you know when you are getting honest auto repairs? It all boils down to the details. What You Should Expect With Routine Maintenance Taking your car into the auto shop for routine maintenance is always a go... read more

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